An Authors Perspective: Louise Tribble

The second book in this series of ‘An Author’s Perspective’ is the gorgeous children’s book, Mindful Millie. Actually part of its own series, Author Louise Tribble has published two stories that aim to help children understand and come to terms with different aspects of Mental Health. The first – Mindful Millie is relatively self explanatory, teaching children about the benefits of practising mindfulness. The second – Sad Simon, identifies depression, strips away the stigma of the illness and teaches the audience (both parent and child alike) more about its symptoms and how to help those suffering from it. The books are a wonderfully open and inviting series, both informative and insightful. I asked Louise a set of set of questions to better understand more about her process of self publication and experience within the literary world.


Author Lousie Tribble

– What is your book about and where did the inspiration for it come from?

I have two books out at the moment, Mindful Millie and Sad Simon. My first, Mindful Millie is about a kind hearted elephant called Millie who practices mindfulness and cares for her friends. Sad Simon is a book about a dog who has depression, but Millie comes along and helps him to start enjoying life again.
I was inspired firstly because I used mindfulness myself as a way to deal with my own depression and anxiety which I have had since childhood. I thought, if I’d have learnt these techniques when I was a child perhaps I would never have ended up like I was.
Mindful Millie was a great success and children loved it so when I had the idea for my next book I just went for it. Sad Simon although about depression, isn’t a sad book, rather a way for children to understand how they or others may be feeling and discuss feelings. It also includes more activities which children enjoy to do and Millie is there to help Simon learn some mindfulness techniques too.
– What was important to you when working with an illustrator? How did you find the process?
I found Rhiannon on facebook as she was a friend of a friend, and actually, she is the only reason I had the guts to publish a book. I knew I had great stories, and although I love to paint and draw, I’m no artist. I fell in love with Rhiannon’s style and talent, but it was actually her kind, chatty, approachable manner which made me approach her about my book idea. She was enthusiastic from the start and made the process so much fun. She was always there to support me and was very understanding of my anxiety, I feel very lucky to have found her.
– You’ve chosen to self publish. If you could give one piece of advice to someone wishing to do the same, what would it be? 
Advice on self publishing… believe in yourself. There’s no publisher there to tell you you are good enough, so you have to believe in yourself, that your book is good enough.
– If you could advise someone on the qualities to look for in an illustrator, what would you suggest they search for?
I think it’s really important that you have a good relationship with the illustrator where you are comfortable enough to tell each other what you think would work best for the book, whether the artist has depicted the character how you wanted them to be etc.
– What is your next step in the Children’s book industry? 
 The next step is the release of my new children’s book Anxious Arthur which is currently being illustrated by the wonderful Rhiannon. I can’t wait to see him.
– Who is your favourite author and why are you attracted to their work?
My favourite author is J. K. Rowling, my love for books began with reading Harry Potter. I still read the whole set of books at least once a year. The depth to her stories is incredible, she is so clever!
– Art is a large part of the area you work in, what type of art are you attracted to and why is it so important to you on a personal level?
I love happy, colourful art. When I look at art I want it to make me smile.


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